Enfp dating infj

However, the MBTI shouldn’t always be a guideline for relationships and many STJs and INFJs have very happy relationships.Problems arise for INFJs and SJs in relationships often due to the N/S difference.As perfectionists, we INFJs work hard at our relationships to try to be the best we can be for our partner.We aren’t perfect, that’s true, but we certainly do to be.Maybe it’s because pretty much every book out there says that INFJs do best with other intuitive types, and I’m married to a sensor. I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that, like I’ve said before, I’m NOT a relationship expert and so I believe that (often) people take the MBTI® too seriously in their relationships.There have been those who question their relationships after finding a chart somewhere that says their type and their partner’s type are incompatible.The MBTI® can tell us where potential strengths and weaknesses lie, but it does not say ‘avoid this type / be with that type’.

However, you really can have a happy relationship with any type as long as you both do your best to be understanding and to work on balancing out your strengths and weaknesses.We may write poetry, love letters, or find other ways to show you how deeply we really care. Because of this, they often feel overwhelmed by emotions and feelings they don’t even understand.When in love, we often make ourselves more vulnerable than is naturally comfortable for us. It can become so intense that they become physically sick as a result.If you want more in-depth info on INFJs and relationships be sure to check out my e Book The INFJ – Understanding the Mystic What INFJs Want In Relationships Is the perfect soulmate too much to ask for? One of the struggles of being an INFJ is that of being a true idealist and a perfectionist.While we are very warm, affirming people by nature – we also tend to be over-achievers in relationships.

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